By Daniel

Squadron Meetings: Heartland Squadron’s weekly meetings are our primary training environment, held Tuesdays at 18:30 to 20:30, (6:30pm to 8:30pm). Our rotating weekly meeting schedule gives you interesting opportunities to develop expertise in Emergency Services, military drill, Character Development, Safety, Aerospace Education, Physical Training, and Leadership Training. Check us out!

Emergency Services Training: CAP provides many opportunities to become qualified in Emergency Services through training bivouacs, Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREXs), extensive online CAP ES and FEMA resources, and National Emergency Services Academies. Our Cadets can also participate in State Encampments and National CAP Events such as Powered and Glider Flight Academies, Pararescue School, Officer Academies, Blue Beret, International Cadet Exchange, and many other amazing Cadet leadership development opportunities. All Cadets have opportunities to fly in our CAP airplanes!

Special Events & Community Service: A core CAP value is Volunteer Service, and Heartland Squadron loves to serve our community. Heartland Squadron is ready and trained to be deployed on the ground or in the air to support critical Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, and Emergency Management efforts in our region.

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