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By Daniel
Emergency Services
  1. IMG_2932GES (General Emergency Services) Cadet are encouraged to work toward earning a General Emergency Services qualification. Please complete CAPT 116 and CAPT 117 (Part 1). The FEMA IS 100 & IS700 tests are also required. Be warned, both tests cover an extensive amount of information, so study the material! GES will also require that you complete a certified Basic First Aid Course.

 CAPT 116 –

 CAPT 117 (Part 1) –

 FEMA IS-100 –

 FEMA IS-700 –

Aerospace Education
  1. Heartland’s Aerospace Bulletin Board
  2. Everyone must complete Aircraft Ground Handling video and test:
  1. To get your Safety current: Go to eServices / Safety Management System / Safety training

Cadets are required to have the following on their persons during our weekly meetings and during any CAP event:

  1. CAP ID
  2. Pen
  3. Pad of Paper (Colonel Brown recommends: 3”x5” Memo Pad)
  4. CAPF 160 & 161 Contact & Medical Forms. Please 1) fill out the forms, 2) print out the forms, 3) place forms inside of a business envelope, and 4) seal the envelope and write your full name and CAP ID on the front. Repeat steps 2-4 one additional time so you have two (2) envelopes with your medical information inside. Please carry an envelope on your person while participating in any CAP event.
  5. For cadets GTM3 qualified please have a copy of your 101 Card from eServices

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